property-lawThe firm has focused on the unique IP practice in the innovation driven industry. We provide our clients with the resources to match their requirements to protect their intellectual rights globally.

Our team assists and advises on a variety of IP registrations for protecting their IP portfolio of their clients.

It includes-

  1. Trademark filings & securing registration in India.
  2. Advising and securing Copyright registrations and Design registration
  3. Patent, Trademark and Copyright prosecution
  4. Drafting and filing of PCT applications

alternate-disput-resolutionOur team has widespread experience in alternate dispute resolution and has represented clients in multiple jurisdictions in India.

The firm has been actively involved in drafting, preparation and filing of pleadings arguments on behalf of clients in proceedings. The commercial oriented approach has helped clients to successfully navigate through Indian legal system.

With the teams in depth knowledge and experience, we are able to serve productively to our clients.

family-law-1Our team consists of the professional family court lawyers who deal with any kind of legal situation your family members are encountered with. We are highly experienced in divorce, child custody, adoption, inheritance and family settlement cases.

Our lawyers know the repercussion of the family cases which involves an emotional breakdown as well as the disorientation of the actual procedure of the case. Hence our lawyers are not only skilled in courtrooms but also in aiding the clients emotionally to move forward in their life after the end of the family case.

criminal-lawOur team advises and assists our clients on criminal matters including economic offences under Indian penal code, Bombay Police act, MCOC act, Foreign Exchange Management act, Sec 138 of Negotiable Instrument Act, Maharashtra Regional Town Planning Act, applications including bail, discharge of accused, making criminal writ petitions, miscellaneous application, and revision application.

Corporate_LawWe have a wide range of experience in representing our clients involved in company formations, merger and acquisition, joint ventures, management buyouts, venture capital and other alliances  among various  industries including chemical, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, banking institutions, media and entertainment , manufacturing industries and many more. The lawyers of our firm work closely to provide the clients with complete and integrated solutions in all perspective within the framework of Indian law and regulations to meet their business objective.

banking-lawAs a rapid change in the banking and finance industry in the past two decades, from the globalization to the new tax reform i.e. GST, the banking practice has kept all of us on toes to think ahead.

We have taken the responsibility of our clients from multinational corporations, banks and global financial institutions towards their finance and transactional requirements including trade finance, real estate finance, guarantee facilities and securitization requirements.

We go extra-mile in exploring the finer degree of each project empowering our clients to face the complexities with ease and flair.

We devote our due time in planning stages, making strategies, creating blue print and so on, which help our client’s interest to be safeguard against the possible threats.

constitutional-lawConstitutional law provides the fundamental foundation of the legal system. It is the paramount authority which governs the political, social, legal structures of the country.

Our lawyers have an expertise with the laws, rights & relationships established by the Constitution of India. We protect our client’s right and liberties by preparing writ petitions and representing our clients in Hon’ble High Courts.

shippingOur team focuses on the approval and issues, the corporate set up for airlines, hull insurance, aircraft purchases and lease, aircraft finance and so on.

The shipping industry involves both dry and wet work. We assist and advice the clients on disputes arising out of the bill of lading, short landing cargoes, liens of cargoes, and arrest and release of vessels. We advise on the purchase and sale of ships, contracts relating to ship building, pollution liability for oil, coal and ore cargoes.

property-lawOur team represents and advises real estate clients like developers, contractors, builders, flat purchasers in various courts. Taking searches, investigating property title, issuing Public notice, and steps required to comply with for purchase and/or sale of property, preparing the required documents. Advice on building and real estate property ownership, building and development contracts, leasing, license etc